Healing With Jade

Mind Body Soul

I have always had a passion for people and having a caring and compassionate nature, I decided that I wanted to have a career that helped others, and so I became a nurse.
I have also always been fascinated with alternative therapies, acknowledging and recognising the importance of working on the mind, body and soul. Therefore, I set out on a journey to learn about the fantastic alternative therapies available.

I discovered the art of Reiki and immediately recognised the benefits. I then became a qualified practitioner, ensuring that I would be trained by the only accredited course in the Northwest for Reiki therapy.
Struggling with the unsocial hours of nursing and having a young family, I decided to leave my career.

Seeing the benefits of alternative therapies, I have decided to open an alternative therapy business as this was my other passion. I wanted a career that would help me achieve a healthy work/life balance and enable me to continue to support others using alternative therapies to promote holistic well-being for clients.
I believe that my clients deserve nothing but the best. With my professional background and training, my clients can be reassured that when they come for a treatment, they are receiving the highest standard possible and treated with dignity and respect.
I am also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and fully insured. I invite you to experience Reiki in the luxurious therapy rooms in the beautiful area of Saddleworth. Bookings now being taken, please contact me if you require any further information and for introductory and special offers! I look forward to receiving your booking! 
Please regularly check the website as other complimentary services will be offered soon… 
Namaste xxx 

About Reiki… Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient practice that can be traced back over thousands of years. Reiki meaning ‘universal life force energy’ is a traditional Japanese spiritual healing practice or alternative therapy, in which the practitioner is a channel for the energy and delivers it to the client who remains fully clothed, using either a light pressure touch or a non invasive non touch technique via the hands.
There is sometimes a mis-conception that Reiki is a religion. This is not the case as Reiki is recognised and used in a variety of diverse cultures and civilisations. Reiki Promotes balance and well-being, can help to address physical disorders and can help to heal emotional and spiritual issues, delivering healing energy to the mind, body and soul.
It is a truly spiritual and relaxing experience. Whilst one session will have an effect, to receive maximum benefits several sessions are recommended. Individual and block bookings are available. Come and experience Reiki for yourself. 
Namaste xxx 

Please note: Reiki, spiritual healing and energy work is a complimentary therapy and NOT a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Seek advice from your GP or other Medical Professional if you have any serious health issues.